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Frequently Asked Questions - Home

  1. What are the basic coverages provided to me with a home insurance policy?

    Homeowners insurance is one means to protect your financial investment in your home. Homeowners insurance is designed to pay for damages to your home and its contents, and it can protect you from financial liability if someone is injured on your property. If you take the time now to understand how homeowners insurance works, you'll be prepared to fend off financial misfortune. A basic homeowners policy covers perils, which are specifically named risks such as lightning, theft, fire, smoke, wind and explosion. With this type of policy, any risk that is not mentioned specifically in your policy is not covered. You can also purchase special policies that cover the house for all perils except those explicitly excluded by the policy, such as pet damage.
  2. Is my computer covered by my homeowners insurance policy? What about the peripheral devices and software?

    TRICOR Companies include your home computer as part of your personal property limit. It is included with your regular homeowners policy which covers a computer owned by you, the peripherals and software, up to its retail value. (This does not cover the cost to replace the files.) If you need additional coverage, you can purchase specific computer coverage for losses often not covered on a homeowners insurance policy, such as dropping it or spilling a liquid into the keyboard. If you use a computer for your home business (and not as part of business for your employer), we recommend you check with your insurance company for specific overages which you would need or call us at 1-877-468-7426.
  3. Is my baseball card collection covered by my insurance policy?

    In most cases, yes, up to certain limits. We recommend you check with your insurance company for the specifics and limits on your policy. A TRICOR insurance company provides memorabilia and collectibles coverage from $1,000 to $5,000 depending on the company and plan selected. Additional coverage as needed are available so be certain to review this with us if you are a collector.
  4. I have a large amount of tools in my shed. Will my insurance policy cover them if they are stolen or damaged?

    Yes. Your insurance policy contains coverage for personal property, which would include your tools provided they are stolen (up to certain limits) or if the damage is caused by a covered peril. See your specific policy for details and coverage limits.
  5. Will my insurance company cover damage caused by flood?

    Insurance policies do not cover any damage caused by floods. If you think flooding is a possibility in your area, you should consider purchasing special flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) of the U.S. Government. Insurance companies do not underwrite flood insurance and the NFIP is the primary way to protect your property from the devastation of floods. Contact your agent for information on how to buy this coverage, or call us at 1-877-468-7426.
  6. I've got antiques and fine arts in my home. What kind of coverage would adequately protect them?

    You need to list invaluable items such as these on a separate endorsement. At TRICOR, this is known as a Scheduled Personal Property (SPP) endorsement which is added to your basic homeowners policy. SPP acts like a mini-insurance policy on the specified and listed items, provides "all-risks" coverage (except for a few exclusions), and there is no deductible, except for scheduled water craft.
  7. I have a very valuable piece of jewelry. Is this covered by my basic policy?

    A TRICOR company home policy will probably not have enough basic coverage. You can if you own a item of specific value, add an endorsement, called Scheduled Personal Property (SPP), which acts like a mini-insurance policy on the specified and listed item or add Extended Coverage, which increases protection on jewelry, watches and furs (up to an aggregate limit for all of these items together which is specified on your policy). Both provide all-risks coverage (except for a few exclusions). With SPP, there is no deductible, except water craft.

    Many people get extra protection on jewelry, cameras, coin and stamp collections, fine arts, furs, golfing equipment, guns, musical instruments, outboard motor boats, and silverware/goldware. If you have an item which you believe needs extra protection, contact your agent for more information, or call us at 1-877-468-7426.

  8. I run a business from my home. What type of insurance protection does my homeowner policy provide me with?

    There is no coverage for property and liability damages which arise from a business you own and operate. If you run a business from your home, talk to your agent about the best business-related policy for you, or call us at (800) 541-5710. We now often can endorse or add coverage to your home policy for business exposure at your home. Often the cost is very low.
  9. I have a big freezer full of meat in my basement. If the power goes out, am I covered?

    Not all policies include damage to food caused by power outage so it's best to check with us. Some of our policies include it and some do not.
  10. I have a very expensive wardrobe. Do I need additional protection?

    In most cases, you won't have to do anything special. Clothing is covered under Coverage C - Personal Property. It is typically 50% of the insurance you have on your dwelling (Coverage A). You can get up to 75% if you have what is called Replacement Cost on your belongings. This coverage gives you the amount that it would cost to replace the belonging versus the actual cash value. With expensive items, such as furs, you may want to itemize them separately with a Scheduled Personal Property endorsement. It is important, however, to inventory your property to see if this amount is enough for you. This includes all your furniture, clothing, stereo equipment, rugs - in essence, everything you have inside your home.
  11. My car has been broken into and my skis stolen! Will my homeowners insurance cover this?

    Yes. Your homeowners policy includes your possessions which are temporarily away from home.

Contact an Auto & Home Agent for all your Homeowners and Rental Property Insurance questions.