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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I, a small business owner, be assured that you will be providing me and my employees with a good group health plan at an affordable price?

    At TRICOR, we represent and have great relationships with nearly every local, regional and national company that provides group health insurance. We take your specific data to all of the potential companies and then narrow the recommendations down from there. We always make sure we are working with highly rated companies, so that they are there when you need them. Once we have found the top one or two companies that are the best, then we work on the plan design so it can fit the budget of both the client and their employee.

  2. Can we count on you being there for us in the future?

    Yes! We have a very knowledgeable team with over 100 years of total group benefits experience. TRICOR hires the best and always thinks long-term when developing new customer relationships. Without of valued clients, we don't have a business.

  3. How can I know that the premiums that my employees and I pay for our employee benefits are competitive?

    We make sure to shop all the possible insurance companies and show you our analysis so that you can see that you are getting the best combination of price and coverage that the make can provide. This is an ongoing practice year after year.

  4. Will you help me and my employees to select from all of the confusing options like deductibles and office visit copays?

    Yes! Education for both the employer and the employee is an absolute for us at TRICOR. We help you to make the best informed buying decisions and will do so year after year so you are getting the best value for your money. We often work one on one with employees so they know exactly what they have for benefits and how to most effective use them.