Many of our clients design, manufacture and implement items that are component parts for aircraft. Among these products are servos, avionics, wiring assemblies, power plants and airframes. These Original Equipment Manufacturers have known aviation products exposures which must be addressed by purchasing an Aviation Products Liability policy.

However, it is the manufacturers with unknown or indirect aviation products exposures that are at the greatest risk of having an uninsured claim. These products can often include carpet, food products, lighting, rivets, placards, entertainment systems or brochures. These types of products are considered "non-critical parts." If an underwriter learns of these exposures, they will mostly likely exclude the exposure on the manufacturers' Commercial General Liability policy. Parts that are flight critical, such as engines, airframes and hydraulics, are usually considered "critical parts" and are easier to recognize and address.

Aviation products, including non-critical parts, can cause catastrophic accidents as the result of relatively minor failures. Regardless of whether your exposures are known or unknown, it is prudent to have properly designed coverage in place. Especially when as a part of the due diligence process, you may discover that there are product exposures from the past that may negatively impact your company on a go-forward basis. We can work with you put in place a program to protect your business from these exposures.

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