Our TRICOR Insurance safety consultants are an extension of your team, focusing on the success of your workplace health and safety programs. Teaching you and your employees is an important part of building and managing a culture of workplace safety.

Our professionally trained and highly qualified safety consultants have worked with a diverse set of businesses across the Midwest. Their knowledge of industries in our region, combined with their extensive knowledge of and continued training in federal and state laws and regulations, will become an invaluable asset to your business.




We use a holistic approach of consulting, training and policy development services uniquely built for your business’s needs. It’s important for you and your employees to learn and retain workplace health and safety rules and regulations, and that means making the complex simple.

Our style of consulting, training and policy development is built specifically around taking complex rules and regulations and making them simple to comprehend. If your health or safety program is too complicated or over-engineered, it will be hard for most employees to engage in it. We’re here to help you achieve a culture of workplace health and safety without compromising your production.

Our style of Safety consulting, training and policy development is built specifically around taking complex rules and regulations and making them simple to comprehend.

Audits and Proactive Loss Prevention Methods

Written procedures alone don’t accomplish safety on the job; your work areas should be inspected on an ongoing basis. Monitoring and enforcement of processes and procedures encourage a companywide approach to managing safety.

Our TRICOR safety consultants will conduct safety compliance assessments for business facilities, on-site work zones and more. You’ll receive a detailed audit assessment along with solutions and methods of correction for any observed or potential risks your business may incur.



  • OSHA based programs (safety audits, training)
  • OSHA citation assistance
  • DOT compliance audits
  • Compliance programs (develop, implement and maintain)
  • Insurance assessments
  • Inspection of fixed facilities
  • Inspection of construction sites
  • Annual safety meetings
  • Safety seminars
  • Many more

Employee Safety Training

Loss of employee production and increase in insurance premiums are just some of the results of neglecting health and safety training. Our TRICOR safety consultants provide best-in-class employee safety training encompassing a multitude of Federal and State regulations.

Our hands-on approach, using clear and simple communication, includes individual instruction, relevant industry-specific application of safety principles and practices and documentation for your administrative records.



  • Confined space                               
  • Fall protection
  • Respiratory protection
  • Forklift operator
  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Hazardous communication
  • Strain & Injury Prevention
  • Management/Supervisor training



Workers Compensation

Utilizing our safety consultants’ expertise can help improve your on-the-job safety performance. We handle risk evaluations, comprehensive loss analysis, process and procedure development, custom-tailored safety training, and more. At TRICOR we’re about making your workplace safer. Having a proactive workers compensation program helps reduce the frequency and severity of loss and also saves your business money.


Return to Work

Your workforce is your most valuable asset. When an employee can’t work due to injury or illness it impacts your bottom line, and the morale of all your employees. We’ll help you effectively build and formalize a return to work program that can result in a positive impact on your workers compensation premium. Improving the communication between employers and injured workers can result in less litigation, and helps reduce potential negative conflict between managers and injured workers.


Incident Investigation

An effective way to prevent injury and illness from reoccurring is by conducting incident investigations. Our team of specialists can help determine the root cause of the incident, and develop recommendations for future prevention.



Our service doesn’t stop when you sign the contract. In fact, we’re just getting started.

Our agents start day one with a framework, a framework that works together like pieces of a puzzle. Your agent will recognize the points of connection across your industry, business needs, insurance coverage and carrier options to build a customized insurance solution.


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