Meet Barb Krayecki

As an industry veteran with more than 25 years’ experience working directly in the insurance industry, I hold myself to a high standard of quality, accountability, proactive communication, and teamwork. I am responsible for the success of my clients’ insurance experience, and I take that responsibility seriously. I have an extensive client base I work with, and that requires me to problem-solve their challenges on a daily basis. I am proud that this high level of expertise has led to many long-standing relationships with my clients over my tenure.

I demonstrate my expertise and vast insurance knowledge across a multitude of business industries, such as construction and trades, manufacturing, and more. I am also considered an expert in our bonding department. I help our clients customize bonds based on several factors, such as project costs, requirements, regulations, etc. I have also earned the accredited designation of Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR).

I consider one of my most significant accomplishments is my commitment to giving back to our community. I enjoy seeing people unite from different sectors of the community in the name of a common cause.