Meet Brittany Albitz

As a seasoned personal insurance specialist, I know understanding my client’s individual and family needs is a top priority. I achieve a level of client referrals due to a combination of my education, motivation, a positive outlook, and a sincere desire to help others feel protected. Throughout my career, I have developed a unique consultative approach with my clients when I’m designing their tailored insurance solutions. My clients feel informed, educated, and we have open communication throughout the process of covering their valuable possessions.

I have also built a high level of knowledge around some of our most successful clients’ needs. Despite the name, high net worth insurance isn’t merely a variation on ordinary personal insurance with higher coverage limits and higher premiums. Instead, it’s about recognizing that people with significant assets have unique needs. This usually includes understanding the complexities of coverage for custom-built home(s), lake homes or Oceanside condo’s, luxury vehicles, recreational vehicles, and even life insurance. My clients benefit from my focus and dedication to their specific lifestyle, and they rely on my advocacy as their trusted advisor.

I am a firm believer in giving back, and I am particularly passionate about our local youth. I help lead our office Chicken Q where all proceeds benefited the Onalaska School Lunch Fund. It’s so important we all take the time and do our part to help our youth succeed.