Meet Kim Schumacher

I have been proudly serving the clients within the transportation and trucking industry as an account manager. As an account manager, I play a crucial role in building trust with our clients. I know that no single approach is the right one for every business. I am passionate about the needs and goals of the clients I work with. I help them understand their insurance options and help make the experience of purchasing, owning, and maintaining their insurance straightforward and as simple as I can.

I continually invest in myself by tracking market trends, and keeping abreast of my clients’ challenges is vital to my role. I believe my integrity, passion, and hard work ethic has helped me earn a team lead position at TRICOR. As a team lead, I provide leadership to the best and brightest business account managers within our Transportation and Trucking department here at TRICOR. My goal is to help them become leading experts in their role and build a best-in-class TRICOR client experience, year-over-year.